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Where We Live Club Purpose

  • The purpose of the Club is to improve the livability and appearance of our community for present and future residents.  To this end, the Club started with the image of the name since it is the first impression. However, more issues need to be addressed-- covering the storm channel is another.
  • To date the top vote-getting names from informal shareholder votes for our community are:
       Seal Beach Pointe
       The Heights Seal Beach 
       Seal Beach Meadows
           Seal Beach Landing
       Seal Beach Uptown 
Did you know?  In 2013, the GRF formed an ad hoc Name Change Committee and after reviewing a list of about 145 names submitted by shareholders-- picked these top three:
Seal Pointe, Seal Beach Meadows, and Seal Beach Commons.
The Club takes no stand on any one name and supports the votes of shareholders and the ad hoc Committee recommendations. The next step is to get a formal vote on which is the favorite name.
Which one do you like?  Do you have a name that you think we should consider?  Look at the Appendices for all the names that were suggested first, and if your name isn't on the list please let us know. 

Next Meeting: June 18th

Meeting Day and Place: 

3rd Thursday of every month CH 3, Room 2  6:30 PM

All are welcome.

Did you know that we don't actually "own" our name?

Did you know that since the name is trademarked we have been asked to pay fees to the owner?

So far, we've only payed attorney fees to say "no" to those license fee requests! But, the realtors pay $102/month to the development company to use the LW trademark name in their ads. That's money out of their advertising budgets that could be used instead to promote our community. We don't own the name-- and that owner makes money on it-- we don't get one cent.

The Meadows in Edinburgh

History of the Club

  • The Where We Live Club was formed August 17th, 2009.  It started with 20 members. Membership count is over 200 residents.
  • The Club acts as an ad hoc Community Forum to discuss the community image. All Club meetings continue to be open; there are no dues; meetings are posted in The News and on the marquee. 
If you would like to participate in discussing community image issues with other residents or  any other issue, you can do so at an open forum-- started by one shareholder and available to everyone. We provide this link for your information although our Club is not in any way associated with its operation.
Go to: www.withinthewall.boards.net

How to Contact Us

If you would like to be added to our Club mailing list and notified of meetings please send an email to the address below. We welcome you!